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Are you ready for the New Year?

If you’re anything like me, you are still in shock that it’s that time of year again already! We can normally find goals and resolutions being tossed about as people prepare for the New Year. It appears to be every man for themselves as they seek ways to improve their quality of life, declutter and leave old habits in the dust. However, how often is the new year outlook focused on the family rather than the individual? Sure, Mom and Dad have their own personal goals and things they want to accomplish as individuals. But when families come together they are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with!

Family goals are just as important as mom wanting to shed 10lbs and dad wanting to cut ties with his bad habits. When you redirect your focus to the family all those individual goals will naturally come to pass. Here is how:

For example, mom has a new year resolution to lose weight but the family goal is to practice a better eating lifestyle. As a result of the family goal of eating better, mom will naturally accomplish her individual goal of losing weight.

Another example, dad has a new year resolution to learn a new skill but the family goal is to learn a new language together. As a result of the family goal being to learn a new language, dad will naturally accomplish his goal of learning a new skill.

See how that works!?! Try shifting your focus from yourself to your family and watch you have the best year yet! Keeping that in mind, here are 5 simple ways that every family should start the  New Year.

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Create A Word Of The Year For Your Family

Slaying 2018 starts with one word! That one word is what will determine your families focus for the year. It’s never been easier to set and accomplish goals than to create a mindset for your household with something as simple as the words “Go”, “Us”, and “Joy”. For example, if 2017 left your family stuck, you may want your word of the year to be GO. You may want to do more in 2018. You may just want to GO for it! GO for the next promotion at work that will create more income for your household, GO on that trip that’s been on your families bucket list forever, or GO to the festival you missed last year that had all the food you guys love.

Your word of the year can absolutely be anything you want it to be! I’m pretty sure that my families word for 2018 will be increase. I want us to increase our faith, our finances, the amount of trips we take, our skills, how much we help others, etc..

Ten Word of the Year ideas to get your thoughts flowing:

  1. growth
  2. peace
  3. calm
  4. balance
  5. learn
  6. patience
  7. yes
  8. no
  9. forgive
  10. health

Create A Family Vision Board

You may have an idea in your head of how you want 2018 to play out for your family. You may have even had a discussion about your plans for the New Year but until you get it on paper it will stay just that, a discussion. Make your family goals official by creating a vision board that you can refer back to for motivation, inspiration, guidance, clarity and alignment. Get your kids involved by asking probing questions and be sure to incorporate their answers on to the vision board once agreed upon.

A vision board is simple to create! It can be accomplished with supplies you already have at home or for cheap utilizing your local dollar store. Your main components are clippings from magazines, newspapers, stickers or things you print offline that define your family goals and a foundation to house them, like a poster board.

Turn it into a party with snacks and everyone helping to cut and paste and you are guaranteed a rewarding, good time!

Vision Board foundation ideas:

        1. Poster Board
        2. Notebook
        3. Picture Frame
        4. Sheet of Paper
        5. Pinterest Board
        6. Cork Board
        7. A Wall
        8. Bulletin Board

      Say Your New Year Prayer Together As A Family

      Stand up, sit down, or get on your knees… how you do it is your preference, but do it! Hold hands and each person can take a turn confessing their prayer for the New Year as it pertains to your family, household and direction for the year. You can also let dad or yourself take the lead while the kids strengthen their faith from the great examples you are displaying.

      A New Year Prayer is so important because it allows you to speak positivity into the atmosphere for the year. You should be claiming that your family will run together like a well oiled machine. You should be praying that the footsteps of your family are ordered. You should be claiming favor, overflow, increase, and abundance. You should be speaking good health over every last family member and beyond. You should be praying for your families strength, protection and the ability to make Godly decisions. Etc…

      Five scripture ideas to guide you:

              1. Galations 6:9
              2. Acts 16:31
              3. Jeremiah 29:13
              4. Matthew 22:39
              5. 1 Corinthians 10:31

      Clean And Organize Your Home For The New Year As A Team

      One of the most important things you can do at the start of the New Year is to enter it with a fresh, clean and organized home. To ensure that it’s contributing to the great year that your family has proclaimed you all must clean and organize your home together as a team. Not only will this teach your children teamwork and family togetherness but it’s also passing down a great New Year tradition.

      There is absolutely something for all ages to do! Your two-year-old  can take a pair of shoes and toss set them neatly in the closet. Your three-year-old would love to play in water and wipe down base boards with you. However, the most important thing to remember is to work together! You can go room by room, tackling one room a day if need be but don’t carry the same old mess into a New Year.

      Fives directives to inspire you:

              1. One room at a time working as a team.
              2. Donate items that you or your children have out grown or things that are no longer in use.
              3. Don’t forget about the garage, basement, attic, yard and car.
              4. Plan out how your little’s can contribute to cleaning each room in advance.
              5. Blast some music and make it fun!

      Complete a New Year Workout Together

      It’s no secret that exercising gives you a boost of confidence, reduces stress, increases your energy and helps you be more productive. There are so many more benefits but the end results are just what you need to kick off your New Year with a bang!

      Working out together as a family will keep everyone motivated and on track as you prepare to bring your word of the year to life. Make it fun, be consistent and embrace the benefits.

      5 Family Workout Ideas:

              1. A walk in the park
              2. A Dance Party In the Living Room
              3. A game of kickball in the yard
              4. A yoga session at home
              5. A cardio video from On-demand


    1. I wish your family a very prosperous New Year and I hope that these simple ideas I shared with you will help your family stay on track towards an epic 2018!

    2. How does your family plan to conquer 2018?

      What are you waiting for!?! GO OWN YOUR FANCY!!!