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Looking for festive things to do with your son this holiday season?

It’s the perfect opportunity for you to have a festive good time with your son! It’s the prime time to past down family traditions, to educate him on the reason for the season, to bond and make memories. It’s the most wonderful time of the year so why not schedule in some mother son time to do joyful things together. Building a powerful relationship with your son is very important and the number one way to do so is by spending quality time together one on one.

My KJ turned 8-years-old just a couple months ago. He’s very stubborn and opinionated, yet very helpful, flattering, comical and sweet. The time we spend together one on one is always so memorable! With him growing up so fast, I want to be sure to fill his memories with our family traditions. I want him to know that holidays are all about fun, happiness and family. I want him to look back and remember the time he spent with his mom and hold on to those memories forever.

As a result, I’m always sure to carve out some time for just him and I. We love to laugh, make silly faces, have tickle sessions, and cherish what a mother son relationship should be.

I thought of some great activities for us to do with our sons this holiday season. I hope you find them useful and have a festive good time with your son too!

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1.) Make homemade gifts for his teachers

2.) Take pictures in matching pajamas

3.) Bake and decorate cookies

4.) Color Christmas pictures

5.) Go to the library and read Christmas books

6.) Christmas music karaoke

7.) Cozy up and watch holiday movies

8.) Decorate his big cars/trucks in holiday garb

9.) Build Lego’s under the Christmas tree

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10.) Play Santa Says (Say Santa Says instead of Simon Says)

11.) Make Christmas shapes out of Play Doh

12.) Decorate your Christmas tree and home in Christmas decor

13.) Go ice skating

14.) Have a Christmas Parade at home with all his cars and action figures

15.) Write letters to Santa

16.) Roll around balls on the floor to Christmas music

17.) Wear  Christmas socks and have a dance party

18.) Decorate cards to send to family

19.) Go volunteer and give back

20.) Play board games in Christmas Pajamas

21.) Go see Christmas lights

22.) Make Christmas slime

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23.) Have a Nerf war in your Christmas Pajamas

24.) Read Christmas stories

25.) Sit under the Christmas tree and talk

26.) Make festive trail mix

27.) Go take pictures with Santa

28.) Go to the movies to see a Christmas film

29.) Go sledding

30.) Countdown to Christmas

31.) Sip hot chocolate and put together a Christmas puzzle

32.) Go donate your gently used items

33.) Decorate a gingerbread house

34.) Play Tic-Tac-Toe on festive paper

35.) Build a snowman

36.) Have a snow ball fight

37.) Have a pillow fight in Christmas Pajamas

38.) Decorate ornaments

39.) Make pancakes for dinner in your Christmas pajamas

40.) Play hide and seek in your Christmas pajamas

41.) Have water balloon fight with holiday colored balloons (warm weather states only)

42.) Have a holiday tasting – Sample holiday ice cream flavors

43.) Create a mother son vision board

44.) Look back over all your pictures for the year

45.) Go see a Christmas play

46.) Try a new recipe with your little helper

47.) Pick a local holiday event to attend together

48.) Go skiing

49.) Complete a holiday 5k or fun run together

50.) Go ride your city’s holiday trolley or train together

What do you plan to do with your son before the end of 2017?

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