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So, I’m sure you are wondering why in the heck should I schedule a one hour appointment with my husband, right!?! “I see him everyday”, you’re thinking! “We text, we talk on the phone, we FaceTime, we go to sleep together at night for crying out loud!” You are probably accurate in these statements but are you truly getting the one-on-one time that a marriage needs to flourish?

Scheduling a one-on-one appoint with your husband doesn’t always have to be a negative thing. Sometimes when I tell KB I want to talk, he automatically think it’s in regards to something bad. No, this is not always the case! Some times I just want to share with him some of the new ideas I came up with. Maybe I want to tell him about some great opportunities the kids have. Often, I may just want to stare at my husband one-on-one with no distractions, no music, no television, no cell phones, no kids…just him and I. One hour a week with my husband, no distractions is not asking too much. In my opinion it’s not enough. But guess what? It’s just enough to keep your marriage and house hold functioning like a well oiled machine.

For example, I will tell KB something while we’re siting on the couch together. He’ll reply as if he was listening attentively. I’ll remind him about what I said in a few days and he’ll say you never told me that. You know why? Cause when I told him I was competing with ESPN!

I know some couples that use the calendaring system. So anytime something arises that they need to do instead of discussing it they just add to their joint calendar. Hanging with the girls, pencil it in on the calendar. Taking the kids to the park, plop it on the calendar. Staying at work late, jot it on the calendar. Date night, highlight it on the calendar. To me this is a great reminder or back up method but where is the communication!?! There is none! What happens when someone forgets to check the calendar or pencil in their activity on the calendar? A scheduling conflict can occur. An argument can transpire. The risk of something not getting done is greater. If you are a calendaring wife, great! But, to eliminate this risk try scheduling a one hour appointment with your husband today and see the difference immediately!

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When you schedule a one-on-one appointment with your doctor what happens? It’s just you and your doctor in a room and sometimes a nurse. There’s a giant sign on the wall that says no cell phones allowed. There are no televisions. Your doctor is not talking to you while on social media. Your doctor is focusing on you only without distractions. Your doctor ask you questions and you give answers. In return, you ask questions and the doctor gives you answers. Sometimes further testing needs to be done. If there are issues they are addressed and a treatment plan is created for you. Sometimes you leave your appointment with a clean bill of health. However, just before leaving the doctors office you schedule your future appointment, right?

Think of your husband as your doctor. Your appointment with him will work in very much the same way. You schedule your appointment. You two will meet in a designated area alone. There should be no distractions. You both will have the opportunity to bounce questions off of each other. If you discover an issue, you develop a treatment plan, in other words a way to solve it. You share, you laugh, you get to know each other, you take notes, and then you schedule your next appointment before leaving. Simple right!



  • No Distractions – You both with will focus and retain information better when there are no distractions
  • Mental/Physical Notes – Take notes in your appointment, plan, and calendar. It will give you something to revert back to.
  • Verbal/Written Communication – The most beneficial part of the appointment is communicating and getting on the same page.
  • Ability to ask and answer questions – This will allow you to bond, resolve issues and get to know each other better.
  • Quality Time – You can never have too much quality time with your spouse.
  • An Opportunity to Plan – The appointment will give you the opportunity to plan. Whether it is a date night, a family getaway, or creating a budget.
  • An Opportunity to Encourage – If one of you is having a bad day or bad week it gives you the opportunity to support and encourage each other.
  • Teamwork – It will help re-enforce how you two make a great team as you continue to build a strong foundation together.

Seasons change, people change, weather changes and circumstances do to. The crazy part is that sometimes these changes occur so rapidly. Earthquakes are unexpected and can happen in a matter of seconds. One day the weather is hot and sunny and the next day it’s gloomy and raining. One day you have a job and the next you can be unexpectedly let go. One day you may interested in sewing the next day you may have a new found interest in gardening. This is the reality we live in!

Setting aside this scheduled time with your husband can help you plan and stay on top of these supernatural and dramatic changes with life in general. I don’t know about you but I want the WHOLE 60 minutes with my husband but even if you have just a half hour to communicate verbally about the upcoming week it will be beneficial. You can still talk and text and calendar with your hubby amongst all the distractions life brings on the daily basis. However, you both will retain the information better when you communicate and are focusing on just your role as husband and wife in a setting that’s one-on-one and distraction free!

Start today by scheduling your appointment with your husband and see immediately the benefits this prevention plan makes in your marriage…

What are you waiting!?! GO OWN YOUR FANCY!!!