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Houston Alert: A Unique Experience At Distroller World USAFeatured

This post was sponsored by the Distroller World USA. However, all opinions are my own.

Have you ever heard of Distroller World? If not, I advise you to look it up because it’s a unique experience that will have your children crowning you mommy of the year! You all know that I’m always encouraging people to try new things. So I was very excited on Saturday when we had the opportunity to visit Distroller World for the first time! You all know how i’m such a big advocate for experiences over things. I must admit that I had never heard of Distroller World until we received the invitation. I don’t know how I let this unique experience slip under the radar! As a result, when I received the invitation for the kids and I to come out for a VIP Experience at Distroller World here in Houston, TX I absolutely had to go.

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My Weekend In Pictures: Hello AustinFeatured

Hello Austin! We’re always looking for an opportunity to travel. Slowly, weekend getaways are easily becoming our favorite. Why? Because, you can take them more often and most times they are more cost effective. This weekend we took a short road trip to Austin, just because! We got just the right amount of sun and fun.

Here’s a look at our weekend in Pictures…..


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Goodbye Christopher Robin: A Lesson In ParentingFeatured

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

As I grabbed a hand full of popcorn my eyes played witness to a imaginative story of perseverance, work ethic and lessons in parenting. What initially sparked my interest was eventually lost in the distinctive characters that tugged on heart strings with their witty sense of humor and emergent temperaments. In an instant, my perception of the Winnie-the-Pooh books that drove my childhood was forced into maturity by the back story of the movie. My eyes then filled with tears as I was forced to confront my roles as mom and blogger thanks to the Oscar worthy portrayal of the bruised family relationships that filled the theater.Continue reading

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Texas Rennaissance Festival: An Awesome Sunday FundayFeatured

This post was sponsored by the Texas Renaissance Festival via US Family Guide. However, all opinions are my own.

I have been living in Texas for six years now. It seems like from the very start the one event that I annually hear so much about is the Texas Renaissance Festival. It’s been on my bucket list of things to do here in Texas. Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it! To me, it’s the perfect time to nest and create fun memories with your family. Yesterday, we did just that as we headed to the  Texas Renaissance Festival for an interesting Sunday Funday.

If you don’t know, the Texas Renaissance Festival is the nation’s largest and most acclaimed Renaissance themed event. Established in 1974, the event attracts over half a million visitors each year to its 55-acre New Market Village and Fields of New Market Campgrounds in Todd Mission, Texas. This immersive experience features world renowned live entertainment, works by master artists and craftspeople, award winning food and drink, hand-powered rides and games, and over 100 interactive characters during its nine themed weekends from September 30 through November 26, 2017. For more information, please visit

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Monthly Intentions: OctoberFeatured



Hi there! Thanks for joining me as we bid a farewell to the month of September. Hello October! Boy, did you roll around fast! I wouldn’t consider October to be my favorite month of the twelve but I must confess that it is a fun month and who doesn’t love fun, right!?!

Lately, I’ve been really big with brain dumping, goal setting, diving into my planner, calendaring and things of the such. However, I can’t say that I’ve stayed a hundred percent focused and made honest progress toward all of my goals. That’s why this month I decided to share my intentions for the month of October in hopes of holding myself accountable. I plan to do this monthly to see where I’ve been, where I’m at and where I’m headed.

The thing about Intentions are they are just that, intentions! Intention is defined as a thing intended; an aim or plan. Plans are not always set in stone but they do provide a foundation to walk toward your goals. As I take this journey, I will do my best and forgive myself where ever I fall short.Continue reading