10 Tips That Will Help Working Moms Achieve A Better Work/Life BalanceFeatured

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I pulled up to work with just enough time to park and take that last gulp of my green tea. I could feel my hair frizz and my skin start to perspire. My worst nightmare was becoming a reality. I just couldn’t fathom the fact that I was rushing through life robbed of time, slaving for corporate and blind to the real joys of being a mom and wife because time wasn’t on my side. I found myself rushing to work, rushing from work, rushing to get the kids to activities, rushing to appointments, rushing to cook dinner, rushing through helping the kids with school work and rushing through life in general.

I became fed up! I knew that something needed to change. If I was going to be a working Mom, I knew I had to create my own balance and you need to do the same! After starting the journey of finding the perfect balance I realized that finding a unique balance between home life and work life wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. It was tons of little things that I changed that made all the difference.

Simple things like putting up pictures of my children at my desk or placing them as my computers screen saver helped to keep me motivated throughout the day. If you don’t have a desk, placing your kids as the screen saver on your cell phone will still give you the push you need.

Whatever small changes you make towards reclaiming your freedom and living life on your own terms I’m confident you won’t regret. As you take the journey to find your balance here are 10 tips to get your creative juices flowing…..Continue reading

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8 Ways To Conquer Las Vegas With ChildrenFeatured

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There was a time when I thought Las Vegas was the adults only capital of the world! My eyes would buck and my skin would crawl every time I walked the strip and saw parents toting their children about. I thought, they must be out of their minds! That was before I had kids of my own of course. Las Vegas has come along way in terms of having an array of things to enjoy for all age groups.

My children have been twice and each time they’ve always had a blast. However, I do feel like there are smart ways to conquer Las Vegas with kids as well as not so smart ways. That’s why I am here to share with you the things I’ve learned along the way in hopes of making your trip a little bit easier.Continue reading

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Save Big At The Texas Renaissance FestivalFeatured

I have been living in Texas for six years now. It seems like from the very start the one event that I annually hear so much about is the Texas Renaissance Festival. It’s been on my bucket list of things to do here in Texas. As a result of the savings I can take advantage of, this year it appears to be the perfect time to go. Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about it! To me, it’s the perfect time to nest and create fun memories with your family. We’ll be doing just that at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the nation’s largest and most acclaimed Renaissance themed event. Established in 1974, the event attracts over half a million visitors each year to its 55-acre New Market Village and Fields of New Market Campgrounds in Todd Mission, Texas. This immersive experience features world renowned live entertainment, works by master artists and craftspeople, award winning food and drink, hand-powered rides and games, and over 100 interactive characters during its nine themed weekends from September 30 through November 26, 2017. For more information, please visit Continue reading

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From Little Kids To Little Chefs With Maggiano’s Kids Cooking ClassFeatured

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You may know Maggiano’s Little Italy for their fabulous scratch-made Italian food. You may have previously savored one of their authentic Italian meals from their brunch, lunch, or dinner menus. Maybe you sipped on a glass of red wine at their trendy happy hour or was spoiled by an array Italian cuisine at an event held in one of their classic banquet facilities.

But did you know that aspiring young chefs have the opportunity to enhance their culinary palate at Maggiano’s Little Italy kids cooking classes? If you didn’t, don’t feel bad because I didn’t either. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to transform my two little kids into two little chefs and I’m so happy I did! Maggiano’s Little Italy conducts so many interactive classes throughout the year, for both kids and adults.Continue reading


How To Support Your Daughter After She Starts Her Menstrual CycleFeatured

As a mom, just like you, I’ve watched my daughter grow year after year. Knowing that she would eventually start her cycle and officially become a young lady. Seriously, are we ever ready!?

I don’t know about you but I wasn’t. I wasn’t ready for the talk. I wasn’t ready for buying double the feminine supplies. I wasn’t ready for the questions. I just wasn’t ready!

As if mother nature told me screw you Mom, you better get ready!! Niah wakes up yesterday morning grumpy, continuing to confirm the morning person she is not! Next thing I know, I hear her yelling “Mom, I think you need to come here”! Lord knows, I didn’t want to move from my comfy spot so immediately my irritation set in.

As if I couldn’t move any slower, I headed to the bathroom to see what the urgentness was. It was then that I felt like someone had slapped me in the face. It was then that I was forced to deal with the reality that my 10-year-old had started her menstrual cycle!

Imagine my surprise, imagine my heart break! I just want my baby girl back….

But then the inevitable happened, my heart softened! My first born, my only daughter, my baby girl has entered this new phase in her life. As a mom, my duty is to make sure she succeeds, has the best resources, and the best memories to share with her daughter.Continue reading