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Houston Alert: A Unique Experience At Distroller World USAFeatured

This post was sponsored by the Distroller World USA. However, all opinions are my own.

Have you ever heard of Distroller World? If not, I advise you to look it up because it’s a unique experience that will have your children crowning you mommy of the year! You all know that I’m always encouraging people to try new things. So I was very excited on Saturday when we had the opportunity to visit Distroller World for the first time! You all know how i’m such a big advocate for experiences over things. I must admit that I had never heard of Distroller World until we received the invitation. I don’t know how I let this unique experience slip under the radar! As a result, when I received the invitation for the kids and I to come out for a VIP Experience at Distroller World here in Houston, TX I absolutely had to go.

The vibe isContinue reading

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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Slime LoversFeatured

My children love slime! In fact I think that Niah is completed addicted! Every time I turn around she is using my laundry detergent or baking soda. Whenever she runs out of supplies you should see her in action trying to convince me why I should take her to the store for more glue and contact solution. It’s the cutest little addiction I have ever seen to be quite honest. However, I try not to resent slime so much but when I find myself covered in glitter I can’t help but add slime to my list of no thank you’s! Somehow, I always find myself Continue reading

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Loose Lips Sink Ships: 11 Things You Should Never Say To Your HusbandFeatured

Have you ever heard of the term loose lips sink ships? This eludes to the fact that speaking without thinking can ruin things. Don’t let your loose lips be the reason your marriage fail. Don’t let your disregard for your husband’s feelings ruin your future. Have you ever just set back and just thought about how damaging words can be? The real in depth meaning of just one or two words can be hard to come back from.

I’m such an advocate of applying the “if the shoe was on the other foot method”. This is just you consideringContinue reading

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Beat Holiday Blues With These 11 Easy TipsFeatured

Tis the season to be jolly!! Christmas music blares from the speakers at your local department store and you head towards the nearest exit. Your neighborhood is filled with decorated homes, all except yours. You turn out all the lights when the carolers approach your home. The time and weather changes have you staying in and sleeping an unrealistic amount of hours. Phone calls, texts and holiday party invites go unanswered. Before you know it you’re drowning your feelings in a bottle of wine and a gallon of ice cream. Have you ever been in this place? Do you know someone else that have been in this place? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s sounds like a case of the holiday blues. But, what can you do when holiday blues kicks in and it’s proven to be no easy fight to win?

Holiday Blues is defined as feelings of melancholy, sadness, or depression during the holidays. While the holiday’s are supposed to be a time for happiness, togetherness and cheer, it’s frequently the opposite.Continue reading

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My Weekend In Pictures: Hello AustinFeatured

Hello Austin! We’re always looking for an opportunity to travel. Slowly, weekend getaways are easily becoming our favorite. Why? Because, you can take them more often and most times they are more cost effective. This weekend we took a short road trip to Austin, just because! We got just the right amount of sun and fun.

Here’s a look at our weekend in Pictures…..


We checked into our hotel Friday evening atContinue reading