6 Things I Do To Feel Good EverydayFeatured

When was the last time you just felt good? I mean, so good that nothing anyone did or said to you could make you feel no other way but good. The feel good where you were energized, light on your feet, no complaints, mentally whole, just good.

I don’t know about you but I strive to feel good everyday! Keeping in mind that every day things will be thrown my way that may compromise this intention, carving out even just an 15 minutes of “feel good” time is essential for me. I find that when I start my day implementing some of my favorite “feel good” techniques the rest of my day is half the battle. Also, if I find myself not feeling so good, recollecting on these exact feel good moments I had previously helps give me the little push I need to conquer anything thrown my way.Continue reading

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Your Super Bowl Party Sucks If You Don’t Have These 6 ThingsFeatured

It’s almost Superbowl time!

I am just here for the commercials and the good eats. Don’t judge me! I’m not the biggest football fan. You will call me more of a bandwagon fan. I normally roll with the team that KB is rooting for or if i’m feeling competitive i’ll go against the grain for a little trash talking fun. However, I love a good party and every year I look forward to all the hype that Superbowl Parties bring!

So, while I am not the biggest football fan, I am a fan of the parties that surround it. One thing is for sure, I know how to throw a great party! There are certain elements that all parties should contain. So, if you are having a Superbowl Party this year add these 5 things to your party to ensure it is a blast! Trust me, you won’t regret it.Continue reading


2018: Get To Know Me With These 18 Random FactsFeatured

Hello 2018!

Somewhere between all the Happy New Year post and the joy of having a fresh start, I realized that I never officially introduced myself to you. I started blogging consistently six months ago, gained many new followers but to be honest I  have been pretty bad about connecting with you.

As a result, I plan to do a better job this year of engaging with you guys! So, let me start off the new year right by officially introducing myself to you!!!

Hey, My name is Brandi and here are 18 randoms facts to help you get to know me better!Continue reading

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2017 Year In Review: My Favorite Memory From Each MonthFeatured

Wow! It’s hard to believe that 2017 is over!

I had an awesome 2017…I RE-STARTED MY BLOG, had some awesome travel opportunities, had plenty of first experiences, met some great new people, and overcame many lessons in marriage and parenting.

I say confidently, that I will be entering 2018 a much better wife, mom, blogger and woman overall!

As a result, I invite you to come along on my 2017 journey from January to December….Continue reading

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The Easiest Way To Conquer New Orleans With KidsFeatured

When you think of New Orleans, you think of Mardi Gras, King Cake, strolling the French Quarter sipping Hurricanes, catching beads, awesome parades and attending Essence Fest with your girl friends. But, how often do you consider Nola when it comes to planning your family vacation? I bet it’s at the bottom of the list with places like North Dakota and Kansas! However, I am telling you to not sleep on New Orleans as a family friendly travel destination. We visit at least once a year and Niah and KJ love it!

Each time we visit, we find more and more to do. I anticipate Continue reading