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My Weekend In Pictures: Hello AustinFeatured

Hello Austin! We’re always looking for an opportunity to travel. Slowly, weekend getaways are easily becoming our favorite. Why? Because, you can take them more often and most times they are more cost effective. This weekend we took a short road trip to Austin, just because! We got just the right amount of sun and fun.

Here’s a look at our weekend in Pictures…..


We checked into our hotel Friday evening atContinue reading

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17 Tips That Will Help You Travel More For LessFeatured

Travel is defined as making a journey, typically of some length or abroad. I love to travel! My travel obsession started a few years ago after stumbling across a post on Facebook about how a newlywed couple sold all of their belongings to go on an indefinite Honeymoon. I read their story and became so inspired. To me, it made complete since! I’m all for experiences over things. At the time, I was traveling here and there but I wasn’t making travel a priority. As a result, my mind set changed and what I spent my money on did too.

I get asked more times than I can count, how I travel so much. They ask me if I book my own travel. People have suggested I become a Travel Agent because I travel so frequently. Some people jokingly insist that I won the lottery or that my family sells drugs! In one retrospect its flattering but in another its just down right disrespectful. KB and I work just as hard as the next couple. The difference is that we may choose to spend our money on travel first. We make time to travel. We think outside the box. We budget travel. We save. Most importantly we follow the deals!

While some people are spending their money on the latest fashions, we’re unbothered by it all. While some woman are spending hundreds of dollars for a hairdo, I either do mines myself or get a style that will last for months at a time so that I can save in this area. KB cuts his own hair always and KJ’s hair too. I may meal plan. I may only do free things around the city. I may be sporting the same hand bag I’ve had for years. You may see us on social media with the same outfit we’ve worn the last few trips but guess what, we’re there!

My advice to those desiring to travel more is to make travel a priority.Continue reading

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Hotel Spotlight: Holiday Inn San Antonio – Northwest/SeaWorld AreaFeatured

This year for KJ’s 8th Birthday he requested to visit Sea World. This was a great choice in my eyes because it’s a short distance away from home which meant that no flights were needed. It was also a bonus that their water park, Aquatica, was open because the last time we went it was closed and much colder. After securing our tickets it was just one thing left to do and that was to book accommodations for our stay!

I’m a big fan of using Hotwire to book our hotels for short stays. It’s something about going all in blind that makes the process so exciting and the savings are real! After doing some research, I placed my bid. We ended up with the Holiday Inn – Northwest/SeaWorld Area. I must admit, I wasn’t the happiest at first but as I dug deeper I saw that the hotel was quite nice.Continue reading

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8 Ways To Conquer Las Vegas With ChildrenFeatured

There was a time when I thought Las Vegas was the adults only capital of the world! My eyes would buck and my skin would crawl every time I walked the strip and saw parents toting their children about. I thought, they must be out of their minds! That was before I had kids of my own of course. Las Vegas has come along way in terms of having an array of things to enjoy for all age groups.

My children have been twice and each time they’ve always had a blast. However, I do feel like there are smart ways to conquer Las Vegas with kids as well as not so smart ways. That’s why I am here to share with you the things I’ve learned along the way in hopes of making your trip a little bit easier.Continue reading

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Travel Diary: Girls Trip Aboard The Carnival ValorFeatured

Long before the movie Girls Trip gained in popularity, my big sister, Niah and myself packed our bags and set sail on a much needed cruise for 4 nights, 5 days upon the Carnival Valor. We left from the Galveston, TX cruise port.

Niah was gifted this cruise as a gift for her 10th birthday from her awesome aunt and uncle. I was just tagging along for the fun!Continue reading