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This year Friday the 13th falls in October! Quite frankly, it’s my favorite month to celebrate it in. It falls right in line with all of the other spooky Halloween celebrations that take place throughout the month of October. Who’s says that you can’t celebrate Halloween until it’s actually that day or the weekend of!?! I  sure didn’t! I’m a big fan of celebrating national holidays with family and friends, calling on every ounce of creativity to make sure my guests have an unforgettable time. That’s why I am so excited to be celebrating Friday the 13th with my family this year. In the past, I’ve done everything from girls night in’s to playdates.

This year, I’m going to celebrate with my family. Since, I’ve been in a low key mood lately we will stay in, watch scary movies, and maybe snuggle up under a Halloween throw blanket or wear cute little Halloween themed socks. I also see some Halloween inspired snacks in our future to indulge in during our movies.

The fact that it falls on a Friday for eternity makes guests smile because for most there is no school or work the next day! Adults can over indulge on spooky cocktails and the kids can stay up later playing with their friends at Boo Bash’s.

I believe a great party is all in the theme! So check out some of my themed ideas below in hopes of inspiring you to get up or get out and celebrate the upcoming Friday the 13th. I’m sure your Snapchat or Insta-stories can use a little FRIGHT so get inspired…


  1. Frights n Facials – Call up your girl friends and have a fun night of pampering facials! Create a Halloween inspired environment with activities and snacks to match.
  2. Movies & Makeup – Scary movies & Halloween Makeup
  3. Halloween Themed Playdate – Kid friendly playdate with Halloween decor, activities and sweet treats
  4. Halloween Fun Run – Bundle your family up for a walk or run in the park dressed in costume. This would also make a great playdate for children to dress up for a costume fun walk in the park.
  5. Halloween Inspired Game Night – Finalize your guests list and pull out spooky games like 8 Ball and Halloween Charades for a night that will be frightfully fun!
  6. Bon Fire – Gather around the bonfire and tell Spooky Stories and Roast Marshmallows to the creepy sound of the night.
  7. Family Scary Story Time – Grab your flash lights and head to the nearest closet for a round of scary stories in the dark.
  8. Camp Out – Invite friends and family to come camp out in the backyard.
  9. Halloween T-Shirt Party – Guests should come in Halloween t-shirts or they can create and decorate their own as a party activity.
  10. Dusk Scavenger Hunt -At dusk take to the great outdoors for a pre-planned scavenger hunt. This can be done in the yard or areas around town.
  11. Glow In The Dark Party – Light up the room with glow in the dark decor and accessories for a time that will scarily fun!
  12. Cartoons and Cob Webb’s – A cartoon watching playdate amongst play spider & cobweb decor.
  13. Cereal and Cobwebb’s – Create a Cereal Bar for guests with play spider and cobweb decor.
  14. Costume Party  – Traditional costume party with prize for the best dressed guest.
  15. Pumpkin Decorating Party – Guests bring pumpkins to carve and decorate. This would be a great playdate or friendly competition.
  16. Girl’s Night In Pinterest Halloween Party – Spend the night trying out Halloween themed crafts and eats found on Pinterest.
  17. Haunted House – Grab all interested parties and head to your nearest Haunted House.
  18. Happy Hour Spooktacular  – Indulge in a Happy Hour at home with friends that features eerie Halloween Cocktails.
  19. Fear Factor Themed Party – The evening will consist of fear factor inspired challenges. Blinded guests will be filled with fright as they are blindfolded and unsure of whether are they fondling real warms or slimy gummy worms!
  20. Orange Party – Guest should come in orange and all decor should be orange.
  21. Black Party – Guest should come in black and all decor should be black.
  22. Death By Chocolate Party – Chocolate Tasting with spooky decor.
  23. Fall Candle Swap Party – Girl’s Night In of swapping fall candles and trying them out.
  24. Strange Socks Party – Guests should wear their most strange Halloween Socks. Be sure to grab some pictures!
  25. Binge Watch Scary Movies – Rent or scroll On-demand for a night of watching scary movies.
  26. Date Night Out  – Head to the nearest movie theater to watch the latest scary movie to hit the big screen.
  27. Fang-tastic Bats Meetup – Every city has a certain area of town where you can bat watch at dusk. Find yours, invite guest and Go!
  28. Magical Dog Playdate  – Dress up your pup in Halloween wear and let them show tricks or snack on bone-chilling treats with other invited pups.
  29. BOOze & Beer Tasting Party – Themed cocktails and Beer Tasting consumed from orange or Halloween themed cups.
  30. Escape The Room Party – Invite guests to your local Escape The Room type venue to free yourself from the eerie room.
  31. Corn Maze Meetup – Invite guests to join you in darkness to get lost in your local corn maze.
  32. Creepy Crafts – Guests will create spooky pre-planned crafts
  33. Masked Party – Guests should come in their mask of choice.
  34. Flash Light Playdate – Have mini flashlights for the kids to navigate the darkness indoors or outdoors. They’ll have a blast chasing their friend and creating cool figures on the walls.
  35. Booti-ful Pajama Party – Guests should come dressed in Halloween PJ’s.

No matter which way you decide to pull off a Friday The 13th your guests will never forget make it your own. It’s nothing greater than your family and friends talking about the party long after it is over. It can be simple with memorable touches. It can elaborate and well thought out. It can be cheap or free. Just make sure it’s you! Cheers to a Frightfuly Fun Night…

Do you celebrate Friday The 13th? If so, I would love to hear how you celebrate it.

What are you waiting for!?! GO OWN YOUR FANCY!!!