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If you’re anything like me, you have already started filling up your calendar for the rest of the year. Are you hosting any fancy parties this holiday season or are you accepting all invites to some of the fanciest gatherings in town? Either way, hosting a gathering during the holiday season is a lot of work and should be rewarded. There is just certain guests etiquette and unfortunately not all people follow the guests protocol. There are so many sensational gifts on the market that your next party host will love!

Don’t be the guest that shows up empty handed, throws back several cocktails, eat several plates and even takes one to go! The party host’s job is to make you feel at home and to provide a great time. However, I can almost bet that their jaws drop when they greet you at the door. Except you will miss it cause you are too busy gawking over how nice things are set up!

So, the trend this holiday season is me helping all my FANCY friends stay at the top of the guests list. I’m doing all the stressful shopping for you! I searched the internet for some of the most TRENDY, CUTE and AFFORDABLE hostess gifts ideas. Just click the picture for detailed product descriptions and you’ll be on next year’s invite list in no time!

Sensational Gifts Your Next Party Host Will Love



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This is the perfect gift for the wine lover.
The perfect gift for candle lovers.
Cute picnic set for wine lovers.
Nice freezing cups for the beer lover.
Cool Poker set for the Poker lover.Erasable Wine glass markers, yes please!

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Great gift for coffee/tea lovers.

A great gift for the grill master.

Delicious gift for chocolate lovers.

Sorry if I made you feel bad about showing up to party’s empty handed! However, I’m confident that you found something that your next party host will love. Now, all that’s left to do is get dolled up and show up with the best gift of all the guests to secure your invite for next year! Happy Holidays and enjoy the rest of year!

Do you give host gifts?

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