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Have you ever heard of Distroller World? If not, I advise you to look it up because it’s a unique experience that will have your children crowning you mommy of the year! You all know that I’m always encouraging people to try new things. So I was very excited on Saturday when we had the opportunity to visit Distroller World for the first time! You all know how i’m such a big advocate for experiences over things. I must admit that I had never heard of Distroller World until we received the invitation. I don’t know how I let this unique experience slip under the radar! As a result, when I received the invitation for the kids and I to come out for a VIP Experience at Distroller World here in Houston, TX I absolutely had to go.

The vibe is fun, bright, imaginative, and family friendly. The experience is for both girls and boys alike. The experience makes for a great birthday gift and with Christmas approaching, gifting this experience will be a huge hit! So, if you have never heard of this genius toy store here’s a little about them.


Distroller World sets out to provide its customers with the most memorable family shopping experience in a very detailed setting with the highest quality products. They feature the Distroller Adoption Center and Medical Clinic that allows children to adopt their very own Neonate Babies through a unique story line along with accessories and more! Their philosophy of recognizing the extraordinary in the ordinary allows every child to enter a world of everlasting fun and imagination.


The Distroller Company takes great pride in finding children that want to adopt and care for one (or all) of the many delicate Neonate Babies that have arrived to planet Earth. A Neonate Baby is a newborn baby that arrives to earth in a space capsule from the planet Neonatopia that yearns for love and care from human children. Just like human babies, Neonate Babies arrive in distinct sizes, personalities, and species whom have different stages of development. The Neonate Babies arrive to planet Earth in a special space capsule called the NeoTube Transportation System- they call it NTTS for short! Since Neonatopia’s atmosphere is different, they are kept in their incubators at Distroller Wǝrld until they can acclimate to the earth’s climate.

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Our Unique Experience At Distroller World

Upon entering this land of imagination, we were immediately engulfed by bright, neon colors. We were greeted by the store clerk who thoroughly explained the concept behind Distroller World. He broke down the different types of Neonates that were available for adoption and then allowed us the opportunity to browse around on our own. I had a ton of questions that he knowledgeably answered which was great for us first timers.

Niah and KJ couldn’t stand still from all the excitement and quite frankly, neither could I! After covering every inch of the store the kids made their selection and we waited in line for their adoption experience and an EXPERIENCE  it was!

Calling upon Neonatopia, their babies were transported through the ceiling of the store via the NeoTube Transportation System. Once the babies arrived, they were greeted by the nurse who allowed them to greet their Neonate with a big hug and big kiss! And this is when the real fun begin.

Just like human babies, the Neonates were weighed, measured, given their shots, named and a birth certificate was created. The kids had the option of keeping their babies market names or renaming them. Niah opted to change her Neonates name to Sophia. KJ decided to keep his Neonates market name, Lloyd. And just like that I had two new grandbabies!

Meet Sophia and Lloyd

Trust me, this is not a one experience and done type of situation. The babies are invited to return for their two month check up. Also, their are a ton of clothing and accessories that will make great gifts and keep your children being great parents for many years to come! Some children may want to collect one of each Neonate, while others may want to create a whole wardrobe for one.

Also, after inquiring with the store clerk, its a possibility that they may offer birthday parties in the future. Imagine that!

Currently, there are only two USA based locations in Houston and San Diego. If you are ever visiting any of the two cities I highly suggest adding Distroller World to your list of things to do for your children. You can also purchase items online. However, nothing beats the in store experience!


Neonates start at $19.99 and up

Accessories start at $3.99 and up

Houston Location – Galleria Mall


Monday to Friday 10AM–9PM
Saturday 10AM–9PM
Sunday 11AM–7PM


11/23/2017: Closed (Thanksgiving)
11/24/2017: 9AM–9PM (Black Friday)


Red Parking Garage; Located at: 5135 West Alabama Street, Houston, TX 77056;

(281) 827-3227


Level 1, Nordstrom Wing



Have you ever heard of Distroller World? Would you let your child experience this?

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