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There was a time when I thought Las Vegas was the adults only capital of the world! My eyes would buck and my skin would crawl every time I walked the strip and saw parents toting their children about. I thought, they must be out of their minds! That was before I had kids of my own of course. Las Vegas has come along way in terms of having an array of things to enjoy for all age groups.

My children have been twice and each time they’ve always had a blast. However, I do feel like there are smart ways to conquer Las Vegas with kids as well as not so smart ways. That’s why I am here to share with you the things I’ve learned along the way in hopes of making your trip a little bit easier.

How To Conquer Las Vegas With Children

  1. Study A Detailed Las Vegas Strip Map – Before booking a hotel room, my suggestion is to take a look at a detailed Las Vegas strip map. You can access this easily by googling it. My goal is always to stay in the center of the strip so that I can be centrally located with an equal distance to attractions no matter which direction I decide to take. This will prove to be a useful tool once you actually start planning your itinerary. You can see your hotel of choice and what other hotels or attractions are near by which is a must.
  2. Stay On The Strip – When you are taking your children to Las Vegas I think it is so important to stay on the strip. I made the mistake of not staying on the strip this summer when I took the kids and I regretted it everyday. We had a free room at Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino so I went with free over convenience. However, they did have a free shuttle to the strip but in July the temps are super high so waiting on a shuttle under these conditions were exhausting. Being able to walk right of your hotel and venture to your destination will be so beneficial with children in tow.
  3. Bring comfortable Walking Shoes – The Las Vegas strip is huge. It is a ton of walking. If you have stroller size children great! But if you don’t you, want to make sure that your child has on a comfortable pair of shoes to endure all the walking. You also want to make sure that they are dressed comfortably. This will hopefully eliminate the complaining and make your trip much more pleasurable.
  4. Visit During The Off-Season – My suggestion is to visit Las Vegas during the off-season. I’ve been several times during the summer when temps are unbearable and I curse myself every time. March to May and from September to November are the best months to visit Vegas. If you are bringing children you want comfortable weather for all of you. Whatever you do, don’t go in July!
  5. Try To Visit Mid-Week – If you plan to arrive mid-week you will potentially have better room rates and less of a crowd. Las Vegas is a popular place for weekend trips. As a result, going on the weekend will mean more of a crowd you have to fight through with your children and who wants that, right!
  6. Plan Ahead – Whenever it comes to travel I seriously plan ahead. I know that some people are pretty impromptu while traveling but I like to at least have an idea of the places I want to go and the things I want to see. When are traveling with children having some ideas in mind will help you save on time. I suggest just making a list of some of the attractions and restaurants that are of interest to you and the distance they are from your hotel. This is where that Las Vegas map comes into play.
  7. Check For Savings – Las Vegas has a ton of ways you can save. Whenever I travel I always check Groupon  to see if there are any savings for the things that I am interested in. If you also google Las Vegas discounts you may come across additional savings opportunities.
  8. Keep Cash On Hand – I suggest keeping some cash on hand when traveling with children, preferably singles. There are a lot of street performers throughout the strip. I can’t tell you how many times my children wanted to snap pictures with Spiderman  or Minnie Mouse. There are a ton of child friendly costumes on the strip and that’s how they make a living so giving them a couple of dollars to make your child happy will make the Las Vegas experience very memorable for them.

My Favorite Entertainment Picks For Children

Your Hotel Pool of Course

Fountains of Bellagio


M&M World


Hershey World

Coca-Cola Store


LINQ Promenade


The Wildlife Habitat at Flamingo Hotel

There are also a ton of other attractions for kids on the Las Vegas strip and beyond. The Circus Circus Hotel offers a ton of attractions for children. If you have older children they may be interested in the roller coasters that hotels like New York-New York Hotel & Casino or Rio All Suites Hotel & Casino has to offer.

If you are bringing your children for the first time I suggest conquering the strip only. On a return visit it would be the perfect opportunity to venture to places off the strip like Downtown Container Park.

Whatever you decide to do, have a safe and fun trip! I hope this helped you in some shape, form or fashion.

If you have traveled with children to Las Vegas before I would love to hear some of your tips for conquering Las Vegas with children…

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