Meet Brandi

Hi There! Welcome to Own Your Fancy!

I’m Brandi Beasley, the founder of  the brand! I’m a Detroit native living in Houston, TX. In 2011 My Husband (KB), My 2 kiddos (Niah & KJ) and myself packed our car to full capacity and drove all the way across the country to start a new life with hope, faith, and determination and we haven’t looked back since.

I am here for The Moms and The Wives! You will probably hear me ramble on a lot about travel, marriage and parenting as here is where my passions lay. If you too are passionate about having a kick ass marriage and being a Boss Mom I invite you to stay awhile and to come back and visit with me as often as you like. This space is where I’ll share with you tidbits of my family’s experiences in Houston, TX and beyond and all the fun we encounter along the way.