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My Weekend In Pictures: Hello AustinFeatured

Hello Austin! We’re always looking for an opportunity to travel. Slowly, weekend getaways are easily becoming our favorite. Why? Because, you can take them more often and most times they are more cost effective. This weekend we took a short road trip to Austin, just because! We got just the right amount of sun and fun.

Here’s a look at our weekend in Pictures…..


We checked into our hotel Friday evening atContinue reading

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Add Some Sparkle To Your Daughter’s Holiday PhotosFeatured


Add some sparkle to your daughter’s holiday photos! With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity to schedule your holiday photo shoot. It’s been way to long since KB, the kids and I have had one. This year I plan to snag some Christmas photo’s with a local photographer. I realized that I need to schedule something fast before the calendars fill up and it’s too late to add our photos to Christmas cards to send back home for the holidays.

It’s always so hard to decide what to wear for pictures. Trying to decide on colors and patterns that compliment each other for the four of us absolutely stresses me out! I can attest to that being part of the reason we have not taken family photos in so long. I just didn’t feel like combating the tasks. I must admit that 2017 has been a great year and my only goal is to close the year with the same eagerness I started it with so I decided to stop making excuses and make it happen.

When Niah and KJ were smallerContinue reading

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Monthly Intentions: NovemberFeatured

What’s the best way to hold yourself accountable?

Share your intentions for the whole world to see!

Hello November! October was my first month sharing with you my monthly intentions. As October was coming to a close, I realized that I was behind on quite a few of my goals. At first, I became discouraged but then I realized that accomplishing goals is a marathon and not a sprint! I realized that I am not perfect and that it’s okay to fall short sometimes. I realized that it’s best to make some progress rather than no progress and that’s what I did.

Keeping this is mind, I am ready now more than ever to take on the month of November! I can’t believe that we are just two month’s away from 2018. Where did this year go!?! Great things have been accomplished in two months that have changed the world so I still have time to make a great impact on 2017 and you do too.

What are you going to be intentional about this month? We all have have goals. I challenge you to Continue reading

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Purchasing A New Car: 7 Tips To Consider When You Are Always The Designated DriverFeatured

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How often do you find yourself with a car full of passengers? Whether you are a soccer mom on the weekends, a babysitter during the day, the designated driver for the birthday girl or the lunch driver for co-workers, Cars.com gives you a peace of mind while you are on the road. Somehow, I always find myself chauffeuring around my daughters teammates, transporting my family to the next local event or escorting friends for a night on the town. With my frequency of being in the driver seat, I want to insure that myself and my  passengers are safe and comfortable at all times. That’s why when I purchase vehicles there are certain things I look for. If you too are always the designated driver, consider the tips below to help guide you through your next vehicle purchase.Continue reading

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Goodbye Christopher Robin: A Lesson In ParentingFeatured

This is a sponsored post. However, all opinions are my own.

As I grabbed a hand full of popcorn my eyes played witness to a imaginative story of perseverance, work ethic and lessons in parenting. What initially sparked my interest was eventually lost in the distinctive characters that tugged on heart strings with their witty sense of humor and emergent temperaments. In an instant, my perception of the Winnie-the-Pooh books that drove my childhood was forced into maturity by the back story of the movie. My eyes then filled with tears as I was forced to confront my roles as mom and blogger thanks to the Oscar worthy portrayal of the bruised family relationships that filled the theater.Continue reading