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My Favorite Must Have Resources For Keeping In Contact With Friends & Family After RelocationFeatured

With more and more people relocating each year, the importance of keeping in contact with friends and family is greater than ever. Somehow through the chaos of getting settled in we should give tribute to our love hate relationships with social media. Keeping in contact with those at a distance is probably the one thing that social media is good for. As if these social sites could feel our loneliness they continue to drown us in new features that keep us, that have relocated in the loop.

If you have been following me, you will know that my family and I picked up and moved from Detroit to Houston in 2011. We filled up our car to the brim with our necessities and drove thousands of miles to create a new beginning and we haven’t looked back since. The hardest part of the journey was leaving our family and friends behind. The even harder part was forcing our children to adjust to a new comfort zone without the comfort of family, which is everything to us. However, through trial and error we found a system after all these years that works for us.

Although, we may have family come visit here and there or we may travel back home periodically, it’s still difficult to be present for important memories, like birthdays and major holidays. Realistically, some people may never travel to come visit you. Don’t take it personal! It’s also important toContinue reading

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Grow Your Avocado At Home With AvoseedoFeatured

This post was sponsored by the Avoseedo via US Family Guide. However, all opinions are my own.

Do you love Avocado? How about Guacamole? I’m a huge fan of both avocado and guacamole! Have you ever watched the price of Avocado’s inflate and thought to yourself, I wish I could grow my own at home? Well, if you answered yes to any of these questions you are in for a real treat. Thanks to Avoseedo, you can!

I’ve found that during certain times of the year the price for avocado is a bit inflated. As a result, I don’t get my fix as much as I would like. However, having the opportunity to grow my own at home will solve this problem. The best part about it is that its a great family activity. Its an educational opportunity for children and its really easy to do. I’m so excited to watch my avocado tree grow!Continue reading

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17 Tips That Will Help You Travel More For LessFeatured

Travel is defined as making a journey, typically of some length or abroad. I love to travel! My travel obsession started a few years ago after stumbling across a post on Facebook about how a newlywed couple sold all of their belongings to go on an indefinite Honeymoon. I read their story and became so inspired. To me, it made complete since! I’m all for experiences over things. At the time, I was traveling here and there but I wasn’t making travel a priority. As a result, my mind set changed and what I spent my money on did too.

I get asked more times than I can count, how I travel so much. They ask me if I book my own travel. People have suggested I become a Travel Agent because I travel so frequently. Some people jokingly insist that I won the lottery or that my family sells drugs! In one retrospect its flattering but in another its just down right disrespectful. KB and I work just as hard as the next couple. The difference is that we may choose to spend our money on travel first. We make time to travel. We think outside the box. We budget travel. We save. Most importantly we follow the deals!

While some people are spending their money on the latest fashions, we’re unbothered by it all. While some woman are spending hundreds of dollars for a hairdo, I either do mines myself or get a style that will last for months at a time so that I can save in this area. KB cuts his own hair always and KJ’s hair too. I may meal plan. I may only do free things around the city. I may be sporting the same hand bag I’ve had for years. You may see us on social media with the same outfit we’ve worn the last few trips but guess what, we’re there!

My advice to those desiring to travel more is to make travel a priority.Continue reading

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Moms On Trend: The Hottest Fall Nail Colors You Can’t Go WithoutFeatured

I’m a big self-care advocate, especially for Mom’s. We spend our days trying to juggle so much that stepping away to pamper ourselves is absolutely necessary. You may have heard me mention on several occasions that one way to lighten our mood and have us feeling great is by adding a pop of color to our lips and nails. I’ve also mentioned how creating a regular self- care routine like painting your nails on a certain day of the week will send your confidence through the roof!

Here in Houston and other southern cities where it’s remotely warm all year around it’s easy to rock bright colors and still feel like you you’re summer time fine. However, fall is my favorite season so I like to create my own fall regardless of the temperatures by sporting colors that take me there.Continue reading

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Here’s Why You’ll Never Have To Tie Your Shoes Again With HICKIESFeatured

This post was sponsored by the Hickies via US Family Guide. However, all opinions are my own.

Do you hate tying your kids’ shoes everyday before they step out of the house? Do you hate stopping to tie your own shoes mid-run? As if the world haven’t been screaming for solutions to this problem for centuries, HICKIES has finally answered our prayers! HICKIES products turn any pair of sneakers into convenient, comfortable, and stylish slip-ons that are perfect for any activity from playdates to family walks in the park.

My daughter is ten years old and really into fashion. As a result, I understand the importance of looking stylish and HICKIES definitely helps serve this purpose. I used the colorful pair of HICKIES to turn her sneakers from just fine to just fierce! She’s also a cheerleader. She tested them out at practice and they were so convenient. I will say that they made practice a breeze, no more shoe laces coming undone. They worked so well that I told other cheer moms about them too.Continue reading