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I love Mother’s Day! Aside from my birthday it’s the one day that I get to spend doing whatever I want and I hardly ever miss the opportunity to remind KaRon that it’s my day! I usually come up with my own plans because I want to ensure that I spend the day doing exactly what I want. It’s just the planner in me I guess. So imagine my anxiety over the one thing that I can’t control. For example, what will they get me? Will I like it or have to fake like I like it? Will I be disappointed? Will I have to brainstorm a way to ruin his Father’s day like he did my Mother’s Day? I’m just being honest.

Then a light bulb goes off and I realize that I have the greatest gift of them all, my children. I realized a long time ago that being a Mom is a true blessing. It’s one of the things in life that I’m truly passionate about. To be honest, I stopped worrying about my happiness many years ago. As long as Niah and KJ are happy, I’m happy. So while I plan out my Mother’s Day to the nines it really is about also creating memories that they will also enjoy.

This year was no different, so we headed to the beach! Maybe it’s my water sign, but to me it’s something truly relaxing about watching nature take its course. The sound of waves crashing, birds chirping, and the wind whistling intrigues all of my senses. This year if I didn’t know anything else I knew that I wanted to relax on the beach. We packed our beachwear, beach towels, picnic, and grill and drove out to East Beach in Galveston, TX. The distance from home was just shy of an hour and a half which is the perfect opportunity to bond on the car ride. It was  a beautiful day out! The sun and sand created the perfect Mother’s Day atmosphere.

Parking: $12

2 Beach Chairs/Umbrella: $35

Umbrella Only: $25

I’m a first experience enthusiast. I thrive off of creating “first” for my family. This day was filled with first experiences. Such as, it was our first time at East Beach. It was our first time grilling on the beach. It was my first time using my new DSLR camera in public and the list goes on. I’m also pretty sure this was Niah’s first time doing a back bend on the beach because she just learned how to perfect it this year!

The kids built sand castles, hunted for sea shells, picked up jelly fish, flipped, splashed and laughed! While KaRon and I admired them in awe, talked, reminisced, and sipped on adult beverages. When you find a place that both the adults and kids can enjoy you’ve found a gem! We all can’t wait to return. With summer approaching fast we’ll be making the saying “Life is a Beach” a true reality.

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