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It’s no secret that I love to travel!

However, it has become clear that there are many layers to traveling. I enjoy all the fun that comes along with it but also feel that it’s important to get my educational fix while on the road. When we travel as a family, I always make sure that we have walked away having learned something new. As a result, I was so excited when we got the opportunity to visit REAL BODIES at Bally’s on our family trip to Las Vegas.

Have you heard about Real Bodies at Bally’s? I don’t think that the exhibit is for everyone but in my opinion it should be! I think this is a must-see for those intertwined in the medical field, those interested in science and for families looking to learn together. The inner workings of our bodies are amazing!

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Did you know?

“The volume of air you breathe each day

can fill approximately 7 hot air balloons.”

About REAL BODIES at Bally’s

Imagine Exhibitions proudly present REAL BODIES at Bally’s, a highly original and thought-provoking exhibition of human anatomy at Bally’s Las Vegas.
This powerful exhibition explores life by displaying more than 20 real, perfectly preserved human bodies and more than 200 anatomical specimens. More than a simple display of human specimens, REAL BODIES at Bally’s will connect audiences to a deeper sense of what it means to be alive.
  • Anatomical, cultural, and emotional narratives transform the way we view the human body
  • Digs deeper into the beauty of the body, mind, and soul than any other exhibition of its kind
  • Explore the entire human experience from the first breath to the last
  • Dramatic, compelling, and emotionally moving immersive galleries
  • Unique perspectives on human anatomy and its importance to world cultures
  • Presents the human body’s complex systems through a series of approachable art gallery displays
  • Feature the work of artists from Las Vegas’ bustling art scene
  • Reveals the synergy between breathing, hunger, the rhythm of the heart, love, motion, thought, and medicine that makes each person unique
REAL BODIES at Bally’s takes visitors on a journey asking them to explore who they are, where they come from and what they choose to do with the life and body they have been given.

 Our Visit

They are conveniently located on the Las Vegas strip inside of Bally’s hotel. It is located on the lower lever, but accessible from any point of entry. Once you have reached your destination you are greeted by great photo opportunities so be sure to grab one before you enter! There is also a television prompter at the doors that runs a video informing you of everything that awaits you inside.

Upon entering you are greeted by the ticket counter, where you can purchase tickets for your self guided tour. We visited on a Friday afternoon and there was no crowd. I was excited about that because we were able to get up close and personal with the displays without feeling the pressure to move along quickly. This allowed us to learn and explore at our own pace.

Caution: These exhibits contain real human bodies! 

The exhibits are broke down system by system. At each turn, they perfectly portray how everything is connected. You’ll get to explore various stages of life, which makes it relatable for any visitor, young and old.

We had a blast learning together! Niah and KJ had  a ton of questions and were really engrossed in the displays and factual citations. It’s a rewarding feeling as a parent when you leave your adventures feeling like you have equipped your children with rewarding information that’s filled with memories that we will cherish forever.

The displays are not to be touched and there are signs informing you of this. As you can see not all displays are protected so be careful if you have a little kiddo on the loose!

As a mom, I found my favorite exhibits to be “In Utero” and “Love”. The “In Utero” exhibit tugged on my heart strings as I witnessed different fetuses at different gestation periods on display. The “Love” exhibit offered visitor’s the opportunity to write love letters to their beloved, then placing it in a box that can possibly be displayed in the exhibition after review. The four of us wrote love letters and then set them free. It was a great to leave our little mark behind!

They also offered us the opportunity to pledge our love to one another by locking it away via the tradition from Pont Des Arts in Paris. We didn’t have locks so be sure to bring one if you’re interested!

Did you know?

“The saliva you produce over a lifetime

can fill two Olympic swimming pools.”

Plan Your Visit


Open daily from 10am – 9pm; last entry at 8pm


Adult General Admission  – $29.95 + fees

Child – $18.00 + fees


Bally’s Lower Level near the Flamingo Road entrance

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