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It’s almost Superbowl time!

I am just here for the commercials and the good eats. Don’t judge me! I’m not the biggest football fan. You will call me more of a bandwagon fan. I normally roll with the team that KB is rooting for or if i’m feeling competitive i’ll go against the grain for a little trash talking fun. However, I love a good party and every year I look forward to all the hype that Superbowl Parties bring!

So, while I am not the biggest football fan, I am a fan of the parties that surround it. One thing is for sure, I know how to throw a great party! There are certain elements that all parties should contain. So, if you are having a Superbowl Party this year add these 5 things to your party to ensure it is a blast! Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Build the hype with your invitations! Your invites should make it easy for your guests to choose your party in the event they have multiple options.

Your Superbowl Party Sucks If You Don’t Have These 6 Things

1.) Pre- Game Fun

It’s important to get your guests hyped up for the game! Invite them over an hour or two before the game starts to trash talk and have some pre-game fun!

Pre-Game Fun Theme Ideas:

  • Pre-Game Cocktails
  • Battle of the Sexes Flag Football Game
  • Rip the Runway (Show off your favorite teams gear)
  • Rep Your Team Mix and Mingle
  • Tailgate
  • Football Scavenger Hunt

2.) Great Eats

Don’t be fooled, even the most avid football fan is at your party for the food! Don’t disappoint your guests. The food and drinks need to be good, plentiful, and football inspired.

Game Day Food ideas:

  • Pizza
  • Hot Dog Bar
  • Nacho Bar
  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Wings
  • Meatballs
  • Sliders
  • Chips n Dip
  • Football cupcakes or a football themed sheet cake

3.) Half-time Fun

The best part about half time is the half time show! But, its also the perfect opportunity to incorporate some fun. Plan a couple of games for guests to play during this time to keep the fun going. Beer pong is a great game to get guests up and out their seats. Football ring toss is another game to get guests moving and you can even have little prizes for the winners.

4.) A Photo Booth

Photo booths are such a trendy staple at party’s today. However, renting one can be pretty costly. So, why not create your own! Set up an area of your home with a back drop and some photo props and have fun documenting all of the fun memories. Guests can use their cell phones or you can leave out a Fujifilm Instax Camera for an instant gratification keepsake.

5.) Post Game Fun

Just because the game is over don’t mean that your party has to be. Use this as an opportunity to grab any last photos. Play some games. Talk trash to the losing team. Just have a blast!

Post Game Ideas:

  • Last Round of Photos – Winning team in one photo and losers in another.
  • Superbowl Questions – Give each guest a list of questions pertaining to the Superbowl. Whoever answers the most correctly wins!
  • Guess How Many – Pass around a jar of mini footballs and have your guests write down how many they think are in there. Whoever comes closest wins!
  • Bust a Pinata – Let the winners go first!

6.) Festive Decorations

Set the scene! You want to take your guests to that place. You want them to be inspired by your decor. The good thing about decorations is that if you put them up properly and take them down properly you can use them again in the future. No money wasted!

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How do you insure your Superbowl Party is a blast?

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