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Have you ever experienced disappointment or doubt in your marriage? Where you just set back and was like “God, I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into but I didn’t sign up for this”!

Where you’ve had to say “Hey, I know I heard you correctly when you said he was the one but I don’t know how much more I can take”!

Have you ever felt stuck in your marriage? Where you realize that your happiness is being compromised and all you can do is just get on your knees and pray…

Well, if you ever experienced any of these feelings I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. I have too!

Statistics show that 40 to 50 percent of marriages end in divorce,

so unfortunately we are not alone.

However, I’m here to tell you that these feelings are temporary. My marriage survived and yours can too! I often wondered why I would hear people say to at least give your marriage five years before throwing in the towel if things are going sour.  It wasn’t until I got married myself that I was truly able to understand this statement and then the light bulb went off.

Here’s why! Let me give you a little history on my marriage and how now twelve years later my marriage has changed for the better, I couldn’t be happier, I’m so glad I stuck it out and I have one book to thank for it.

On May 21, 2005, just shy of my 23rd birthday I said “I Do” to my soulmate. I was fresh out of college, had never lived with my KB before, and was unsettled in my career. There was one thing that I was sure of and that was that I wanted to be married. Most importantly, I wanted to marry KB. As a little girl, I dreamed of walking down the aisle in the big beautiful white gown and then having a house full of babies. Boy, what was I thinking!?! lol

All of that fantasy didn’t prepare me for the reality of the journey that laid before me. It’s safe to say that my first year of marriage sucked! Just six months into my marriage I was gifted a book that ultimately saved my marriage. I remember being given the book at the airport from a family member before we boarded our flight. I read the very first page suspended in the air, thousands of feet off the ground, with slight turbulence engulfing the plane that resembled the ride my marriage was faced with at that time.

“Two areas that will ultimately be your responsibility: home and children”

I remember thinking that this book was given to me from God. He’s the only one that knew exactly what I was going through. He was the only one who knew exactly what I needed. We know that often times God will use the people in our lives to bless us and in that moment I was confident after reading page, after page, after page with tears in my eyes that that’s exactly what he did.

He used my sister to bless me.

The book that saved my marriage is called “The Power Of A Praying Wife”, by Stormie Omartian. I mentioned this book here briefly as I shared with you 10 ways to get more out of your marriage.

This book has been updated and i’m not sure if the contents are the exact same but mine has thirty chapters on every area of quibble you can have with your husband. She uses her testimonies and actual scriptures for confirmation to speak to you in only a way that someone else who has been in your shoes can.

I couldn’t put the book down. It’s not only a book but also a reference guide. It’s timeless! Whenever you need guidance, just open the book to the situation you are facing, read it and pray. There are bold and in your face chapters that command your attention with topics like “His Wife”, “His Mind”, “His Temptations”, His Reputation”, ” His Choices” and many more that hit close to home.

“Accept your husband the way he is and pray for him to grow. Then when change happens, it will be because God has worked it in him and it will be lasting”

I’ve gifted this book to other wives in my life who were experiencing marital issues. I felt the need to pay it forward just as someone payed it forward to me.

I went through the book with a fine tooth comb and highlighted the relevant things to my marriage at that time. It opened my eyes as a new wife on how to act, react, not react at all and how to just pray for and with my husband. My prayer and consistent faith brought about the change that I needed to see. The change that we needed to see. I’m so glad that I didn’t give up the good fight in the early stages of my marriage because I would have missed out on this awesome package that God made just for me!

As I look back now, I can attribute our testimony to us being young. Our issues didn’t involve cheating or abuse. We just had a disconnect, our goals didn’t align, we were on two different pages, and I let my expectations get in the way. These were indeed an easy fix. As much as I’m an advocate for marriage and making it work I don’t condone staying in a marriage that is unsafe and unhealthy.

“She paid a dear price for her lack of respect; God judgment caused her to be unable to ever bear children.

I believe that we not only bring defeat into our marriage and our husbands when we don’t have respect for them,

but it shuts the door to new life in us as well”

I do however, recommend this book whether you are going through trials or not. It’s a great marital tool. It also makes a great gift! If you know anyone who’s newly married or experiencing discouragement in their marriage, bless them.

Have you ever read any books that helped saved your marriage? If so, tell me more! I love to read and I love reading books that are recommended to me.

So what are you waiting for!?! GO OWN YOUR FANCY!