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How often do you find yourself with a car full of passengers? Whether you are a soccer mom on the weekends, a babysitter during the day, the designated driver for the birthday girl or the lunch driver for co-workers, Cars.com gives you a peace of mind while you are on the road. Somehow, I always find myself chauffeuring around my daughters teammates, transporting my family to the next local event or escorting friends for a night on the town. With my frequency of being in the driver seat, I want to insure that myself and my  passengers are safe and comfortable at all times. That’s why when I purchase vehicles there are certain things I look for. If you too are always the designated driver, consider the tips below to help guide you through your next vehicle purchase.

7 Tips To Consider When You Are Always The Designated Driver

 Read Reviews

Always read reviews! I’m really big on reading reviews before I make purchases or attend new places of business. I always find the detailed revelations of concern or praise so helpful. Buying a  vehicle is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make so it’s best to get it right. Sometimes reading reviews can provide answers to the questions we have or confirm the reservations we’re holding on to. Through reviews you may learn of space issues that are helpful because you’re a mother of four. You may even find that the interior color you had in mind get’s dirty extremely fast. Maybe you road trip a lot and the reviews reveal that the vehicle is a consistent bumpy ride. In these moments, you save time and a possible headache in the future. Lesson learned!?! Read review!

Research, Research, Research

Whether you decide to purchase a new or used vehicle its important to do your research. Has there been a lot of recalls in the past on your particular vehicle of interest? Did your vehicle come from a state that has had weather issues, such as floods? Research is a tool used to make you knowledgeable. You never want to go into purchasing a vehicle with no knowledge, this leaves you vulnerable for the salesperson to take a advantage of you. The internet makes it so convenient and easy to research your new vehicle now more than ever! Stay in the loop and start researching now with Cars.com.

Safety Features

When you’re always the designated driver, keeping your passengers safe is at the top of the list. That’s why it’s important to consider what safety features your new car offers. Are air bags important to you? Maybe you live in a state with harsh winters. Is traction control and four wheel drive important to you? Are you a poor parker and need a back-up camera or a parking assist system? In order to keep your passengers safe you should consider your weaknesses in driving and choose a vehicle with safety features that can help you improve as a designated driver. Comparing and contrasting your next vehicles safety features is just one click away!


If you always find yourself in the driver seat then you want to make sure you have the proper space to drive comfortably. You also want to make sure that there is adequate leg room for your long legged friends, proper space for your kids car seats, room for your child’s sporting equipment, leeway for your road trip essentials and all of the other necessities you tote about. Space is pretty high up on the list when I consider a new care purchase being a mother of two and a wife. My family of four and all additional passengers need to be comfortable! The last thing I want to hear while i’m driving is complaints. Just like me, you need the peace of mind that everyone who enters your vehicle will comfortable. How important is space to you? Cars.com detailed photos gives you a nice look into your next vehicles spacial features. Don’t take my word for it! go see for yourself.

Miles Per Gallon

If you are always the designated driver then you want to insure that you are maximizing the efficiency of your fuel. Miles per gallon is defined as a metric to evaluate the energy efficiency of a vehicle. You don’t want a car that will cost you a ton of money in fuel when you are constantly driving people all over town. In regards to mpg, you need to consider whether you do more highway driving or more stop and go. Its also best for you to compare vehicles for the best miles per gallon. Is it possible to have a spacious vehicle that’s still good on gas?


You need to consider what will be covered under your vehicles warranty and what extended warranty options you have. If you live in a big city or drive frequently you will rack up miles pretty fast! Taking into consideration your warranty options will be your safeguard against future repairs. Repairs can be costly so taking this area seriously will cut down on financial stress in the future.

Vehicle Color

Purchasing a vehicle is a big investment that you will have the burden of for an extended period of time. As a result, its best to protect your investment. This includes choosing exterior and interior colors that are easier to care for. As a designated driver you will have frequent passengers so you may decide to stray away from lighter interior colors. If you are a mom who allows your children to eat in the car, going with darker interior colors may prove beneficial. Dark Exterior colors show dirt and scratches better. This may prompt you to go with a lighter exterior color and a darker interior color. The most important thing is just to consider your lifestyle in this area and make the best informed decision.

Test Drive Your Car

Once you have read reviews and researched your next vehicle, you must test drive it. It’s important for you to see how it feels behind the wheel. Bring your primary passengers with you. Do your kids like it? Is it easy to install your current car seat? This will give you the opportunity to see how it rides on the road. You will get a first hand look at how much space is has or lack there of. You can see how the color you have your heart set on looks in person. This is your chance to either fall in love with your vehicle of choice or move on to plan B. Do not skip this step!

Regardless of the questions you have about your new car purchase, Car.com has answers! With so much to consider when purchasing a new vehicle they truly give you a peace of mind. You can do so much, all from a click of the mouse. My favorite service they offer for parents is Car Seat Checks. This is so beneficial, especially for first time moms! Another favorite is their Do It Yourself Repairs. This allows you to learn something new and save money, so embrace trying or past the info to the lucky guy in your life! Lesson learned? Cars.com is your one stop shop for all of your current and future car needs!


What are some things you consider when you have passengers in your car?

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