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KaRon and I spent our 12th anniversary at the romantic Las Brisas hotel. I’m very big on reading reviews before testing out new places and I found consistency in the fact that all signs pointed to this hotel being the place to be for our romantic journey. The hotel is strategically placed high on the mountain with spectacular views of Acapulco. Imagine being greeted with sincere smiles, the option to taste rum popsicles, pink jeeps that sweep you off to your casita, and a beautiful oasis hosting a space thats filled with privacy and romance.

I’m convinced that Las Brisas hotel has the best views in all of Acapulco! It’s a total eyegasm and I’m so serious. If you’re a girly girl you will be obsessed with their pink and white color scheme. If you’re obsessed with flowers your sense of smell will be captivated by the Red Hibiscus flowers. If you’re romantic by nature you’ll fall in love with the view of the sunset. However, no matter what your reason is for visiting Acapulco I’m sure Las Brisas hotel will fit the bill.


The Beach Club

This hotel is not situated along a beach. But it does have its own private beach club that offers two saltwater pools that’s connected to the ocean and one regular pool with a  swim up bar. During our relaxation at the beach club we had an awesome lunch with a view from their restaurant and we had a filled day snapping pictures of the tons of crabs climbing upon the rocks. We also grew fascinated with the oversized laguanas crawling about. Please note that the beach club is not walkable. However, they offer shuttle service to the beach club which is just a short drive away.

If you feel the need to leave your room the cute little pink jeeps are just a phone call away. And I do mean if you feel the need because it’s so easy to stay entertwined with your significant other in your casita all day. But if curiosity gets the best of you they will even secure transportation for you to travel into the city. The Taxi drivers were so patient and very helpful in suggesting good places too frequent. The prices were pretty reasonable too.

We did have a couple of cons but believe me they didn’t outweigh the view! The first disappointment was that we shared with them several times that we were celebrating our anniversary and when the day came they didn’t do one thing to make it special for us. After bringing it to their attention they were very apologetic. When we arrived back at our casita from an outing they had provided us with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries boasting Happy 12th Anniversary dripping in chocolate. Although its evident that they correct their mistakes it did take away the special feeling that we should have felt choosing to spend such an important occasion at their establishment. However, this still was not enough to over power the beauty of the property or the amazing view of Acapulco.


  • Make sure you have cash to tip your drivers. As a result of the hotel being situated on the mountains you can’t just leave your room and walk to the lobby. You will need to utilize the complimentary pink jeep services. I don’t know about you but I feel obligated to tip anybody transporting me back and forth all day.
  • The higher your room the better the views. My suggestion is for you to book a casita on level 3 or higher. We were on level 3 and our view was amazing so I’m sure levels 4 or 5 will blow your mind! Also, with the higher floors you are provided coffee and breakfast breads through a shoot every morning.
  • Stock your room with beverages and snacks. The casitas contain a wet bar with a refrigerator so stock it with beverages. I also suggest buying snacks so that If you don’t want to leave your room for a bit you will have something handy. The grocery store is only a short distance away. The Taxi drivers actually park and accompany you into the store.

So what are you waiting for!?! Go Own Your Fancy!