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Last weekend, I was honored to have the opportunity to attend yet another Yelp Elite event!

I check reviews religiously before trying out new places or things. I also make a conscious effort to leave reviews to help the next person in their journey of trying some place new. Unlike many other review sites Yelp rewards frequent reviewers with the ability to apply to their Yelp Elite Program. If your approval is granted you have the opportunity to attend fabulous events specifically for Elites only. Establishments adorn Elites with some of most fabulous food, drinks, and activities that make Elites the talk of the town and all for FREE!

And if that’s not enough the Yelp Elite community is growing in major ways! I’ve been an Yelp Elite for two years now. Trust me, the events are always top notch. As a result, I was eager to RSVP for this Agu a Ramen Bistro experience and imagine my excitement when I made the cut to attend.

Upon entering the event we were given our name tags as usual. We were then given the option of choosing either a Yelp water bottle or a Sake cup for checking into the event via the Yelp App. As you can see I chose the water bottle and it’s so cute!

You could then sit down in any seat at our Yelp Elite table plated for twenty guests. Sake or Japanese Beer was the hardest decision we had to make! Personally, I went with the Sake and it was a good choice.

The owner came and gave our group a fantastic welcome and even threw in a little history on the company and ramen.

We were then given several appetizers to share amongst the table.

The selection consisted of:

CHICKEN KARAAGE – Tender Japanese​-​style crispy chicken​; s​erved with Cajun volcano sauce

PARMESAN BRUSSELS SPROUTS – Fried Brussels Sprouts coated in a panko ​p​armesan cheese crust​; served with Yuzu citrus sauce

IKAGESO – Fried Squid

My favorite were the Parmesan Brussels Sprouts!

Once we were done sampling the appetizers we were able to order any ramen of our choosing. They even took the time to explain the menu and the broth. I was drawn to the suggestion that if we wanted a nice light broth to go with the Tori. My selection was the Cilantro Chili Tori.

Overall, it was a really nice treat. The broth was nice and light. The ramen was cooked perfectly and the spice was just right.

Agu is a chain with several locations throughout Hawaii and Texas. This location is conveniently located in the Sugar Land Town Square. The location boast a huge selection of other restaurants and shops just foot steps away and a parking garage just across the way.

Address: 2130 Lone Star Dr, Sugar Land, TX 77479

I encourage you to get out, live and try some place new!

What are you waiting for? GO OWN YOUR FANCY!