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Add some sparkle to your daughter’s holiday photos! With the holidays upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity to schedule your holiday photo shoot. It’s been way to long since KB, the kids and I have had one. This year I plan to snag some Christmas photo’s with a local photographer. I realized that I need to schedule something fast before the calendars fill up and it’s too late to add our photos to Christmas cards to send back home for the holidays.

It’s always so hard to decide what to wear for pictures. Trying to decide on colors and patterns that compliment each other for the four of us absolutely stresses me out! I can attest to that being part of the reason we have not taken family photos in so long. I just didn’t feel like combating the tasks. I must admit that 2017 has been a great year and my only goal is to close the year with the same eagerness I started it with so I decided to stop making excuses and make it happen.

When Niah and KJ were smaller it was so easy to run to the store, grab them a  cute little set and be on my merry way. However, the older they get the more opinionated they are and it makes shopping that much harder. I now find myself picking out stuff and showing them what it is, to get their approval before I buy it. Where they do that at!?! I’m the mom boss, not them! Well, at least that’s what I say in my head. lol

I know all too well about being a kid, trying to create your own style and be trendy, so I like to give them a chance to share their personality through their style. However, I am completely obsessed with sequins! Especially, during the holidays. IT’S SO FANCY! It’s the perfect staple to help you OWN YOUR FANCY! As I was stalking online clothing for us to wear for our photo shoot I came across some of the cutest sequins pieces for Tween Girls.

I sure hope Niah loves what I pick out as much as I do because my mind is made up! We are wearing sequins and as for the boys……ummmm, I’ll get to them later!

Here are some of the cutest, most affordable sequins pieces to add some sparkle to your daughter’s holiday photos….

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 I like sticking with the traditional red for Christmas photos but then I also like to be different. Help! I can’t decide between the red sequins skirt with either the graphic tee or red sequins sweater or the navy blue set with the sequins top and tulle skirt. Which one do you like the best?

Will Your Daughter Be Social Media Ready?

SnapChat – The infamous dance with everybody cheering her own!

Facebook – Posing next to Grandma’s Christmas tree!

Instagram – Opening Christmas gifts!

Insta-Stories – Helping you serve guests your famous dessert!

Twitter – A photo with Santa!


Are you taking holiday photos this year? What do you normally wear in your holiday photos?

What are you waiting for!?! GO OWN YOUR FANCY!!!