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My children love slime! In fact I think that Niah is completed addicted! Every time I turn around she is using my laundry detergent or baking soda. Whenever she runs out of supplies you should see her in action trying to convince me why I should take her to the store for more glue and contact solution. It’s the cutest little addiction I have ever seen to be quite honest. However, I try not to resent slime so much but when I find myself covered in glitter I can’t help but add slime to my list of no thank you’s! Somehow, I always find myself being submissive after she floods my eye sight with some of the coolest slime videos on the market. I mean I have seen some creative slime combinations out there.

With the skills of a future politician she is pretty darn convincing and from my communication with other moms I found out that making slime has been one of 2017’s top trends. I was so happy that my children were not the only one’s OUT OF SLIME CONTROL! Playing her big sister role she get’s KJ all excited about the slime possibilities and convinces him to burden me with planning out their next slime haul. I mean how can you say no when making slime is educational and thought provoking.

So this year for Christmas I’m going to get them the biggest slime supply ever and their going to have the baddest slime creations out there! Do you know anyone obsessed with slime?


Check out the Slime Factory

All children need a Slime Carrying Case

Slime Lovers have only one thing on their wish list!

I am so getting my daughter this one! She will toss KJ to the wayside for slime!
Slime makers are always busy making slime!

Making slime in different colors is a must!


The coolest slime must have glitter!

You can’t make slime without glue!

You can add anything to slime to fancy it up! That’s a must. Who wants boring slime?


6 oz of glue
1/2 tbsp of baking soda
1 1/4 tbsp of contact solution

*After mixing you can add any accessories you like…

Are your children obsessed with making slime? If so, what’s your favorite slime recipe?

What are you waiting for!?! GO OWN YOUR FANCY!