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It’s been a while now since I’ve caught the wanderlust bug. The destinations continue to change and so do the occasions. Last year, KaRon and myself didn’t venture out of town for our anniversary. We stayed local and had a great time. However, this year I knew it was time to change our scenery so I began searching for deals for our anniversary. With so many options to choose from it seemed like a pretty continuous search but finally we caught the best deal yet. We found a great deal to Acapulco, Mexico for 4 nights, 5 days! Initially, I was worried about the safety there because the news made it sound like World War II. Eventually the fear was filled with excitement. I became a little inquisitive about flying Aeromexico though, as this would be our first time and I didn’t know what to expect.

My first impression wasn’t so favorable when we arrived at the Aeromexico terminal at IAH and were greeted with a very long, slow line in a secluded part of the airport. I know that when traveling out the the country there is a longer checklist but in my opinion customer service should never be compromised. When we were finally able to check our bag we were relieved to see that we passed the 50lb bag policy with flying colors. My attitude grew from excitement to frustration when I had to walk a country mile to security because of construction in the area. My frustration turned into anxiety when we boarded the small plane and entered the cramped corridors with only 2 seats on each side. My anxiety turned to relief once we graced the friendly skies and I realized that this plane flew no different than the brands that I am familiar with. We did experience a bit of a language barrier with one of the flight attendants but thanks to the bilingual passengers that eagerly assisted us we found comfort in the decision we made.

We were thrilled to learn that you were given a box of breakfast snacks and a beverage because we normally fly where the deals take us and that airline never gives you anything. The box contained a croissant, butter, jelly, silverware, cheese and plain yogurt.

When we arrived in Mexico City we had to go retrieve our checked bag and turn it in to the designated area for our new flight. We learned this the hard way after visiting Mexico a few years back. We arrived home but our luggage didn’t because we weren’t aware that we had to pick up our luggage and check it back in for the last leg of our flight.We then had to take a shuttle to the airplane on the runway. Once we arrived we proceeded up the stairs to board the plane.

In my opinion we had a much better return flight experience. We were again given a snack box that consisted of a sandwich and yogurt. We even discovered that alcoholic beverages were free! Well at least the beer was because KaRon obtained one at no cost on each leg of our flight. The language barrier we experienced during our departure was almost non-existent. The Flight Attendant’s were nice and attentive. The only con we experienced on our departure was finding out that we had to pay for our bag. I still don’t quite understand why we had to do so because we didn’t have to pay going.

Overall, we were thrilled to have flown and conquered something unfamiliar. I will add it to my list of first and keep on rolling. My goal is to experience all airlines at some point, both domestic and international. Lastly, I would recommend AEROMEXICO.

Have you ever flown AEROMEXICO?

So what are you waiting for? Book that flight and “GO OWN YOUR FANCY”!