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You may know Maggiano’s Little Italy for their fabulous scratch-made Italian food. You may have previously savored one of their authentic Italian meals from their brunch, lunch, or dinner menus. Maybe you sipped on a glass of red wine at their trendy happy hour or was spoiled by an array Italian cuisine at an event held in one of their classic banquet facilities.

But did you know that aspiring young chefs have the opportunity to enhance their culinary palate at Maggiano’s Little Italy kids cooking classes? If you didn’t, don’t feel bad because I didn’t either. That’s why I jumped at the opportunity to transform my two little kids into two little chefs and I’m so happy I did! Maggiano’s Little Italy conducts so many interactive classes throughout the year, for both kids and adults.

Here are some events that they regularly host:

  • Kids Cooking Class
  • Adults Cooking Class
  • Couples Cooking Class
  • Breakfast with Santa
  • Murder Mystery Dinner
  • Wine Pairing Dinner
  • Painting & Pinot
  • And MORE!

Today’s aspiring chefs have the opportunity to reach for the stars with cooking shows like MasterChef Junior, Chopped Junior and Kids Baking Championship to name a few. But what beats stepping away from the television and putting those skills your child has learned to the test better than actually partaking in a kid’s cooking class. Nothing, right! My children have participated in cooking classes in the past but nothing like Maggiano’s kids cooking class where food, fun, cooking and healthy habits are all rolled into one!

If you follow me on my Instagram Stories, you got to see up close and personal how it all works. If you missed it, here’s a snap shot at how the kid’s cooking class works.

The Class

When we arrived, we were welcomed by Elizabeth Muchow, Banquet Sales Manager. She was very energetic and graciously informed us of what was to come. She had a list of all of the little chefs registered for the class and crossed off their names upon entry. There was open seating so we made our way to one of the many tables that was set with aprons for each little chef, a goody bag and a chef hat that could be decorated how ever they liked. They provided markers and stickers for decorating.

My children love letting their creative juices flow so they wasted no time decorating the chef hat to radiate their little personalities. The feel of the room felt fun and energetic as the other little chefs did the same. The heavy aroma in the air could not be ignored! As a result, it was great pleasure when the class was instructed to indulge in the delicious breakfast buffet that consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast potatoes, muffins and french toast. There was also a beverage station that offered complimentary beverages for the little chefs and the adults.

We had a full class! No table or chair was left untouched and all of the little chefs place settings were accounted for. You could tell that everyone was enjoying the class both the kids and adults alike. The smiles, chatter, laughter and the sounds of pictures snapping and sight of little chefs posing created the illusion that we were one big happy Italian family.

This day dream was interrupted by the waiters clearing our table, alluding the crowd of what was to come. We were excited to hear Elizabeth on the microphone hyping the class up further to welcome Chef Jon. The class erupted into a loud drum roll led by Elizabeth. Suddenly, Chef Jon entered the room ready to interactively help the little chefs prepare Maggiano’s famous, homemade, Lasagna. I liked that Chef Jon educated the little chefs on the history of Italian cuisine and the importance of simple things like washing your hands before handling food. It was great that they were allowed to take a short break where they were encouraged to wash their hands before preparing their delicious lasagna.

The waiters delivered the lasagna preparation platter to each little chef. Chef Jon then invited all of the little chefs to gather around his demonstration table for a hands-on view of the lasagna layering process. Upon completion the kids hurried back to their personal station where they utilized the items at their personal tables to create the famous lasagna masterpiece! The table was adorned with bowls of ground beef, ricotta cheese, and grated provolone cheese for sharing. The little chefs personal platter consisted of 3 fresh pasta sheets, a rectangle shaped aluminum lasagna bowl and cover, and personal bowls of marinara sauce and Parmesan cheese to use later at home.

Their goody bags contained plastic gloves that they could use to prepare their meal, candy treats, Maggiano packaged measuring utensils, instructions for the lasagna preparation at home and a flier promoting the Little Chef’s Birthday Bash.

Upon completion, the class was dismissed and encouraged to sign up for Maggiano’s e-newsletter and come back for more cooking fun in the future! We thoroughly enjoyed the class and will definitely be back.

Make sure that you get a punch card on your first visit and continue to get your card punched every visit thereafter. Maggiano’s kid’s cooking class program allows for little chefs to presented with a Maggiano’s Chef Coat on their 8th visit!

The Details:

 Prices Vary By Location: 

  • 1 Adult with 1 child – $25.00
  • Additional Adult – $25.00


  • Our class was scheduled from on a Saturday 8:30 AM-10:00 PM.
  • The frequency of the class is once per month or greater, varying by location.

Best for Ages:  Ages 5-12

For more information: Visit Maggiano’s Galleria-Houston location here.  Sign up for their email list and you will be notified as classes become available and receive an awesome high value coupon for your next visit.  You can also search Eventbrite for scheduled classes as well.

Best Things about the experience:

  • This class was really well organized with clear instructions for the little chefs and the staff provided great service.
  • The class was all inclusive. It included breakfast, goodie bags, aprons, chef hats, the prepared meal that was lunch for my little chefs and a punch card for future class visits.
  • I like that the class was diverse, consisting of children from a variety of age groups and cultures.
  • It’s definitely a unique activity that kids really enjoy!

Areas for Improvement

  • The next available class should be scheduled so that parents have the opportunity to sign up for future classes before leaving.


At home, for lunch, we had the lasagna that was prepared in class. We followed the baking instructions provided and it turned out great! I must admit it was a huge portion size. Our two little chefs shared with mom and dad and we all ended lunch with a full belly.

Thank you again Maggiano’s Galleria-Houston for giving us the opportunity to be apart of such a great kid’s cooking class!

Don’t forget to take your picture with the Chef!!


Note: Dates, times, prices and class theme vary by location. If you are not in the Houston area please check your nearest Maggiano’s Little Italy for up-to-date class information!